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The highly anticipated list of "The World's 100 Best Clubs"  will be announced once more by the International Nightlife Association during the 5th edition of the Golden Moon Awards Gala which will take place in Bogotá on November 13. This prestigious annual ranking is produced by combining 30% of the public votes and 70% of the professional jury, that is made up of 7 experts in the industry from different countries. The jury will take into consideration aspects such as DJ line-up, security measures, VIP services, possibility and ease of making online reservations, national or international awards received, acoustic quality, decoration, comfort, quality of service, soundproofing and commitment to the enviornment, among other aspects.  Besides releasing the list of "The World's 100 Best Clubs" 2019, at the same award ceremony the Golden Moon Award 2019 for Best Nightlife Business Group, Best Nightlife Executive, Best Action in Defense of Nightlife, Best in Technology and Nightlife and Best Awareness Raising Campaign will be given. Last but not least, the Golden Moon Award for "The World's Best Club 2019" will be also handed out. In last year's edition, also held in Bogotá, Hï Ibiza was proclaimed "The World's Best Club 2018"
Previous to the Golden Moon Awards, for sixth consecutive edition, the International Nightlife Congress  will take place. Both events will be held together with the ExpoBar Fair, Colombia’s most important nightlife event. The Congress will start off by discussing the "Nightclub of the Future" followed by the panel "Gastronomy and Nightlife"The Nightclub of the Future The first conference under the heading, "The Nightclub of the Future” will discuss the future of nightclubs and nightlife venues when it comes to implementing new technologies such as holograms, live streaming and DJ bookings.  For his part, Mr. Rick Alfaro, Director of Earthnauts, will speak about the all the new technology apicable to nightlife venues such as holograms and 3-D technology.  Additionally, Mr. David López, Assistant Director of the Costa Este Nightlife Group, will discuss the importance on online DJ live streaming.  Gastronomy and Nightlife In the second block of conferences, which will be presented under the title of "Gastronomy and Nightlife", will include the participation of Mr. Joaquim Boadas, Secretary General of the International Nightlife Association, which will present the international excellence distinction called "GASTROMOON" that fuses haute gastronomy and nightlife. 
In the same conference will participate Mr. Ragnar Fridriksson, General Manager of the World Association of Chefs Societies. The conference will also have Mr. Hayan Abou Assali, General Manager of Cavalli Club Dubai, first club in the World to be distinguished with a "GASTROMOON".  Expobar 2019 Expobar 2019 will gather the main entrepreneurs of the nightlife sector of Colombia and the world accompanied by different public entities and private companies with the goal of sharing experiences, challenges and solutions that lead to the creation of a consolidated and articulated music tourism product with the different protagonists of the nocturnal, music and tourist industries of Colombia and their positioning.  Expobar will host numerous conferences including topics such as LGTBI+, women in the nightlife industry, the importance of cocktail diversity, to name a few. For all those who are interested in attending the 6th International Congress of Nightlife and the 5th Expobar Fair, you can visit our website www.international-nightlife.com or click on the button below. We are pleased to attach an image of the event. For more information you can call (+34) 902.099.500 or (+34) 670.703.370 visit www.feriaexpobar.com or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Nightlife Sector takes a giant leap towards digitalization
The International Nightlife Association and Discocil sign an agreement that will innovate the way of working in the sector
The new tool optimizes management, centralizes sales and provides a better understanding of customer preferences
Facing the advances of other sectors towards digitalization, the nightlife sector has not wanted to stay behind and has made a firm commitment to digital transformation. To that effect, the International Nightlife Association has signed an agreement today with the expert digital management company DISCOCIL, which will transform the way of working in the sector.
The International Nightlife Association believes that it is crucial to update the management of nightlife venues since, in many cases, valuable data that is gathered manually every night is lost as well as the feedback and preferences of clients. This information currently makes up a beneficial commercial tool for all businesses that want to maintain a high competitive level. With this new tool that is being made available to nightlife entrepreneurs, nightlife management becomes completely computerized. Its main benefits include the creation of events and the management of day to day work which allows the quality of service to increase exponentially not only towards the costumer but also their staff. What’s more, this tool not only eases the work load but makes nightclub management more efficient since everything is automatically registered, allowing the entrepreneur to take great advantage of digitized data collected since it is only in their possession and not in the hands of a third-party intermediary.
In addition, this new way of working will allow the venues to have a significant reduction in operating costs and also efficiently manage while making the most of their resources, whether the areas are intended for their customers or for their staff. This tool, besides giving the costumers the option to book products and services online, also generates a link between the venue and the clients in order to receive their feedback, being of great use for the entrepreneur wanting to improve their venues offer.
At the same time, the International Nightlife Association is preparing the launch of its new website that, in addition to including this new tool, will allow users to make on-line reservations at member establishments through an international nightlife guide. The International Nightlife Guide will highlight the venues that invest the most in security, health protection and quality of service, key information for attracting new customers. This new online booking website and the International Nightlife Guide will be available in March 2019. The great advantage of all this technological innovation is that venues will obtain greater customer loyalty by having a social network of their own; they will receive on-line bookings through a digital multimedia guide and also the evaluation of the venue according to their offer. Additionally, they will know in real time, the productivity of their public relations staff, which in turn will also be able to sell online and, in summary, will also obtain an important amount of analytics and statistics to know the evolution of their venue.
Joaquim Boadas, Secretary General of the International Nightlife Association has highly valued the signing of this agreement and has stressed the urgent need for the nightlife sector, a very important sector within the tourism macro sector, not to stay behind and start implementing the new technologies at a global level. In this sense, he stated the following: "This technological improvement will allow nightlife entrepreneurs to be more competitive in a globalized world by having tools that will allow them to attract more customers and have all the information and data necessary for decision making, all in real time".
As for Alberto Centeno, CEO of Discocil, he wanted to mention the advancement of this new tool for the nightlife sector, emphasizing the following, “Sooner or later the nightlife sector will have to endure a digital transformation and which will mark a before and after in the way nightlife works”.
We are pleased to attach a picture of the signing of the agreement that took place this morning in Barcelona. To the left of the image appears Joaquim Boadas, Secretary General of the International Nightlife Association and to the right Alberto Centeno, CEO of Discocil.