The International Nightlife Association (INA) was founded in 2012 in Barcelona, Spain

We are the first non-profit organization in the world founded specifically to represent the entities involved in the nightlife sector, including restaurants, bars, clubs, nightclubs, lounges, hotels, and the most important suppliers.
We created the International Nightlife Association with the goal of promoting the best practices in nightlife. We have developed 3 strategies for this purpose:

Membership         Certifications/Distinctions

"The World’s 100 Best Clubs" List
Venues find in us that we are the only organization that is capable to represent and guarantee that its members certainly meet a high degree in facilities and quality service, and that they promote good practices in nightlife.

Certifications and Distinctions

Triple excellence

In order to promote the best practices in nightlife industry we have launched the “Triple Excellence in Nightlife” distinction, the most important nightlife certification existing worldwide.

The Triple Excellence is made up of 3 certifications: 

- International Nightlife Safety Certified (INSC)

- International Nightlife Acoustic Quality (INAQ)

- International Nightlife Quality Service (INQS)

The nightlife industry is continuously evolving to meet the expectations of increasingly demanding costumers for high quality dining and nightlife experiences.
Therefore, the International Nightlife Association has created the distinction
“GASTROMOON” to reward those who meet the highest standards of excellence in dining and nightlife.
This distinction recognizes restaurants and nightclubs that provide the highest standards of gastronomy at nighttime.

The World's 100 Best Clubs 2019 list

The International Nightlife Association published on November 2019 the list of “The World’s 100 Best Clubs” for the fourth year running.
Worlwide Clubs

News and events

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Being a member of the International Nightlife Association mainly defends the rights of nightlife entrepreneurs before administrations, uniting the sector at a worldwide level to defend our common interests under the same umbrella.
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