INA has developed three international seals regarding high safety standards, acoustic quality and service excellence. The venues that manage to acquire these international seals obtain the “Triple Excellence in Nightlife”, leading to a great improvement to the image and prestige of our sector.

International Nightlife Safety Certified (INSC)

INSC certifies the safety of the premises thanks to inspections carried out in collaboration with expert  companies that evaluate and produce the necessary recommendations so, after being implemented, the maximum safety of the venue is guaranteed.

International Nightlife Acoustic Quality (INAQ)

INAQ is implemented after a process of evaluation, awareness, training, and improvements allowing the venue to offer optimal sound quality and showing the venues’ commitment to the hearing health of both clients and workers as well as the wellbeing of neighbors with the least acoustic polution possible. 

International Nightlife Quality Service (INQS)

INQS guarantees the optimal quality of all the services provided by the distinguished venue, assessing aspects such as decoration, comfort, promptness of service, friendliness of staff, and many others. INQS also takes into account the premise’s commitment to sustainability and the achievement of the UN’s developmental objectives


The premises that manage to gather these three international quality labels acquire the "Triple Excellence in Nightlife", which currently makes up the greatest distinction worldwide in the nightlife sector, with the main objective being the improvement of the image and the prestige of the Entrepreneur in this sector.
At the same time, the badges constitute a protection mechanism for the entrepreneur against any eventuality that may occur since they will be able to demonstrate that they have done more than was legally required to avoid any problems. 

The seals are also very useful for attracting customers as they can be used to advertise of the venue, this way, customers can distinguish, before deciding where they are going, among those premises that are committed to safety, quality and the excellence of those who do not. This constitutes an important differential fact, as it demonstrates that the premises are committed to quality, safety and excellence, especially if we take into account that the International Nightlife Association works with different luxury service agencies.

Lastly, having the triple distinction is something that the public administrations and governments of the location where the establishment that has them is located, value very positively since they see the premises committed to safety, health, legality, responsible consumption, prohibition of minors drinking alcohol, prohibition of drug use, prevention of sexual assault and coexsistence with neighbors.