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Bogotá will host the 6th International Nightlife Congress, 5th Golden Moon Awards and 6th ExpoBAR Fair on November 13th On said date, the list of "The World's 100 Best Clubs" 2019 will be released. These events will be held at Theatron, Gold Member venue of the International Nightlife Association
We are pleased to announce that for the second year in a row the city of Bogotá (Colombia) will host the 6th International Nightlife Congress and the 5th Golden Moon Awards on November 13th, together with the 6th Colombia’s ExpoBar Fair, organized by the Colombian Nightlife Association, Asobares. 

ExpoBar is Colombia’s most important nighttime entertainment event with more than 3.000 attendees including representatives of the industry, staff, authorities and sponsors creating a forum where key issues are discussed and possible solutions are provided relating to Colombia's nightlife industry. The chosen venue for said events is Theatron Bogotá, who recently became a Gold Member of the International Nightlife Association.  As you may know, the INA holds an annual international congress and awards ceremony and has decided to celebrate this year’s edition once again jointly with Asobares and the 6th edition of the ExpoBar Fair. During the evening of November 13th , the International Nightlife Association will host the 5th Golden Moon Awards where among other awards, the list of “The World’s 100 Best Clubs 2019” will be released. The World's Best Club position is currently occupied by Hï Ibiza.  Asobares' president, Mr. Camilo Ospina Guzmán stated today, "We are very happy that the most important nightlife fair in Colombia comes together again with the most important nightlife congress in the world to hold a big event that will have a notable influence on nightlife all over the world". According to Mr. Joaquim Boadas de Quintana, Secretary General of the International Nightlife Association, "We are proud to hold our annual event together once more with ExpoBAR, hosted by our member association in Colombia, Asobares. I would also like to make an appeal to the leading nightlife businesses in the world to take part in these events, since they will mark a trend towards the future of our sector at a worldwide level".


While bouncers in the UK are being trained to respond under a terrorist attack (http://bit.ly/2yPrTEE)  the International Nightlife Association has been one step ahead of these actions, creating a safety seal that has specific requirements before obtention, such as requiring venues to have actions to protect nightlife venue users and workers from terrorist attacks. The International Nightlife Association is currently offering its members the opportunity of having the International Nightlife Safety Certified (INSC) seal, which aims to certify nightlife venues worldwide giving it a “seal of approval” when it comes to safety and security measures. This project was initiated in January 2013 when 239 people were killed in a fire in unlicensed Club Kiss in Santa Maria (Brazil) and has been carefully developed to tailor not only to nightlife users sense of security but also make it easy for nightlife business owners to obtain. This seal is obtained after a rigorous process that includes a careful inspection of the venue and its safety protocols. This seal has two different categories, the basic and the premium seal. The basic inspection form asks for venues to have security measures such as having portable metal detectors, an emergency plan, security staff trained in personal defense and a map indicating where the emergency exits are located, among others. For venues who excel when it comes to security, there is the premium inspection form which asks for security personnel trained in disarming suspects, security personnel wearing bullet-proof vests, and a 6-minute evacuation plan in case of an emergency. This new category (Premium) was created by the International Nightlife Association in 2015 when the terrorist attack in Bataclan Paris took place. When the inspection process is finished and the venue has proved that it does everything in its power to protect its staff and clients, the venue is rewarded with the INSC seal, in which the International Nightlife Association is assuring that the venue is safe to visit. This way when you enter the International Nightlife Guide on the International Nightlife Association's website, you can look up the venues that have the seals of distinction by location, that way you know that the nightlife venue you will be visiting is licensed and meets the international standards in place. 




Link: http://mixmag.net/read/nightclub-bouncers-are-now-being-trained-to-defend-against-terror-attacks-news

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