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Becoming the first recommended venues by our organization in Singapore and Mainland China

Chic, exotic and effortlessly cool – Bar Rouge's concept is the undisputed embodiment of the DJ, drink and dance culture. A trend-setting nightlife destination that gives revelers an energetic and fun brand of play only seen in some of the world’s finest clubs, Bar Rouge is a unique nightclub experience only found within Asia, marked with an international appeal.   The opening of Bar Rouge Shanghai in 2004 atop Bund 18 announced a new era in the city nightlife. Rapidly becoming the city’s go-to venue offering a unique combination of high style and unbeatable Shanghai skyline views from its rooftop terrace – Sexy crowds, international DJs, fantastic theme parties, and unique Champagne celebration rituals, contribute to its amazing ambiance night after night, becoming an icon of Shanghai’s glamorous nightlife. The club has hosted awe-inspiring performances from top DJs such as: David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Dennis Ferrer and Claptone, to name just a few.  
The latest renovation at the beginning of 2019 provides an evolved experience upon setting foot on to its new star-dazzled long entrance runway; a rectangular island bar centerpiece takes pride of place within the interior space, with the introduction of unrivalled interplay between club lights, sound system, 10 LED screens and a sweeping dance floor. 
The new rooftop terrace offers striking views over the futuristic skyline of Shanghai, featuring a larger elevated VIP seating area, and at the core of its design “Shanghai’s longest rooftop bar”, located on the Bund, promises an unforgettable nightlife experience from dusk till dawn.  In 2017 Bar Rouge Singapore opened its doors As the first international outpost of Shanghai’s glamorous rooftop nightclub brand, since 2017 Bar Rouge Singapore (watch presentation videotakes crowning residence on the pinnacle of the tallest hotel in the city, the iconic Swissôtel The Stamford. From its 71st and 72nd floors, Bar Rouge Singapore delivers unparalleled and stunning views of the cityscape, overlooking quintessential local landmarks including the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay as well as the urban jungle that Singapore boasts; earning the distinction as Asia’s Highest Dusk to Dawn Club. 
Bar Rouge Singapore’s dynamic entertainment line-up sees outstanding performances by the club’s hallmark of acrobatic dancers with the most coveted local and internationally renowned DJs, fused with the comfort of top-notch genial hotelier service. The club’s high-octane and cutting-edge music injects energy to the night scene, welcoming all walks of life to the space.  
Floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing the panoramic skyline are set against a backdrop of chic glossy black interiors. Flushed in rouge lighting to bring out subtle sensuality, Bar Rouge’s contemporary décor is accented by gratifying Asian muse photography portraits and edgy neon-lit quotes.  Bar Rouge Singapore and Bar Rouge Shanghai are the newest members of the International Nightlife Association’s Gold Member community that continues to expand to different territories worldwide. INA’s Gold Membership offers benefits and services that besides being a worldwide recommended venue, allow for exclusive benefits such as being recommended venues to members of luxury concierge companies. Among other benefits are access to the Triple Excellence in Nightlife, the highest nightlife distinction made up of international seals of safety, acoustic quality and quality of service. For more information please email us at infoThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Or for  more information please call (+34) 902.099.500 or  (+34) 670.703.370.

Friday, 25 November 2016 18:15

The most fun cities

Where's the party at? Time Out surveyed 20,000 people to find out...

In their City Index, their readers rated their cities for six key characteristics: • Dynamism - how vibrant and exciting life there feels.
• Inspiration - and whether the city feels like a pleasant or difficult place to live.
• Food & drink - if the city is somewhere you can eat well (and not too expensively!).
• Community - whether local neighbourhoods were rated highly.
• Sociability - and whether the city felt welcoming or isolating.
• Affordability - whether people could generally get by OK.

Scores for each category were ultimately combined to give each city an overall City Index score – here's how they did!

1. Chicago, 60.1 points

Chicago claimed the top spot in our inaugural index with high scores across the board – they came #1 in theri Food and Drink, Community and Affordability dimensions and didn't finish lower than fifth in any of the others

2. Melbourne, 59.3 points

This Australian jewel can often be found near the top of the charts in certain other 'liveable city' lists – and theris is no exception.

3. Lisbon, 55.6 points

Their highest ranked European city, Lisbon topped the Sociability dimension of our index.

Lisboetas didn't just rank the city highly for making friends and finding love, they're the most likely to know their neighbours and bump into friends serendipitously, making them the least likely to describe the city as 'lonely' or 'overwhelming.'

4. New York, 53.3 points

People here are straight-up thrilled to be living there, even if they're super-stressed. NYC came top of our Dynamism index, and New Yorkers were the most likely to agree there's always something new to do, that the city is 'on the up', that they love exploring the area, and find it energising and exciting. They also go on more nights out – 6.4 times a month – than anyone else.

All that's more than enough to give the city a high overall ranking despite lower scores for affordability, it being a 'difficult' place to live, and only 4 percent of singles describing dating there as 'fun.'

5. Madrid, 51.4 points

Much like Lisbon, the people of Madrid gave their city high scores for Sociability and Inspiration.

They're less likely to work overtime than any of our other cities, leaving more time for going dancing, which funnily enough they happen to do more than anywhere else.

6. Mexico City, 50.8 points

Mexico City came third in their Food & Drink dimension, and DF residents were the most likely to agree it wasn't expensive to eat well in their city – but it was also the city with the most people saying it could feel unsafe at night.

They also ranked their city the best to make new friends in – and it happens to be the place where most people have taken a new lover recently.

7. Sâo Paulo, 50.7 points

Sâo Paulo came only second to New York for how exciting and invigorating people find the city, and they also gave the bars and restaurants great marks too.

But like New York, all the urban buzz comes at a price – people here were the most likely to describe city life as 'overwhelming.' Just as well they socialise with their friends and colleagues more than any other city in our survey.

8. Los Angeles, 48.4 points

Angelenos put their city at #4 on our Dynamism dimension, but their ranking was brought down a little with lower scores for Affordability and Sociability.

True to stereotypes, people in Los Angeles were also the most likely to count calories...

9. Barcelona, 46.6 points

Barcelona gets high marks for Community and Inspiration.

We think Barcelona's got some great restaurants, but it finished dead last in their Food & Drink category – maybe why the people here go out the least (four times a month) compared to any other city. That said, they are the most likely to have a drink over lunch.

They also work the fewest hours, yet somehow still find the time to have had the most amorous encounters in the workplace.

10. London, 45.3 points

London gets middling rankings across the board – and rather poor ratings for Affordability and Sociability.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Londoners are the most likely to describe the city as 'sometimes feeling lonely' and the least likely to bump into someone they know by chance.

They were the second most likely to have been to the pub this week (after Paris) and most likely to have been hungover!

11. Hong Kong, 41.6 points

Hong Kong got its highest ratings for affordability.

People here are also most likely to head out to dine out at one of their great restaurants, be on the hunt for a new romantic partner, and to have never met their neighbours.

12. Miami, 41.4 points

Life's a beach in Miami.

The people here have more friends on social media, are the most likely to have taken drugs recently or to have had a threesome, and also the most likely to send bad food back at a restaurant.

We'll leave it to you to infer the mysterious connection between the four.

13. Tokyo, 41.2 points

The cultured folks of Tokyo visit museums and galleries more often than kindred spirits in other cities, and go on the most nights out (joint first with NYC at 6.4 times a month!)

As befits the land of the rising sun, Tokyoites are most likely to have stayed up until sunrise recently – although not in the romantic sense, since they're also getting laid the least.

14. Singapore, 40.2 points

The safest city in their index, with only one percent of Singaporeans saying it can feel unsafe at night.

15. Paris, 39.8 points

Parisians go out to bars and pubs the most, and, not coincidentally, also regularly connect with friends in real life.

They might give their city comparatively low scores, but then again, they're also having the most sex and the most likely to hook up on the first date, so there you have it. Oui, chef!

16. Sydney, 39.6 points

Sydneysiders have an average of 16 good friends in their city, three more than the typical city in our survey.

They might have given their city iffy marks overall, but we can reveal Sydney's survey-takers came near the top for workplace flings (#1), one-night stands (#1), hangovers (joint #1 with London) and drug use (#3).

17. Dubai, 37.6 points

Dubai is the best city for the absent-minded – 30 percent of people here said they'd expect a lost wallet to be returned with cash still inside, versus 3 percent of people elsewhere.

They've also made most of their friends through work (33 percent versus 19 percent elsewhere) perhaps because they also work longer hours than people in any other city (46.5 hours a week, on average).

18. Kuala Lumpur, 36.8 points

Kuala Lumpur is the city where people were most likely to say they've made a new friend recently. And in general, only Sāo Paulo socialises with friends more often!

 Source: timeout.com

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