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Tuesday, 18 December 2018 18:20

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On behalf of the International Nightlife Association we strongly condemn the incident that took place at club Lanterna Azzura (Italy) where 6 people were killed. At the same time, we express our heartfelt condolences to the italian people and to the families and friends of the victims in this tragic moment as they seek to recover from this deeply disturbing tragedy. We also give all our support to our Association member in Italy (Italian Nightlife Association -SILB-) and all its members. Our Secretary General has already sent his condolences to Silb's president Mr Maurizio Pasca.   As we have been informed, six people were killed and 120 clubgoers injured in a stampede and as it seems the panic that triggered the stampede during the concert, was caused by someone using pepper-sprayed covered with a hood, so in our opinion 6 homicides have been committed. A spray can, as we have been told, has already found. The incident took place around 1am local time at the popular Lanterna Azzura club in the town of Corinaldo in the eastern Ancona Province. More than 1,000 people showed up to see Sfera Ebbasta, one of the nation’s most famous young hip hop artists.
We ask the italian authorities to start a full investigation into the facts, find out who sprayed the pepper spray and if the club has any responsibility for the deaths. As it seems the club was overcrowded and the the club bouncers told some youngs that were headind the emergency doors to go back inside. Another emergency escape door was opened but the two iron side barriers on the walkway apparently were “too narrow and people started falling over each other,” as the local police chief, Oreste Capocasa said. Joaquim Boadas de Quintana, secretary general of the International Nightlife Association will propose Italian Nightlife Association (Silb) president, Mr Maurizio Pasca, to join forces against the culprits responsible for this tragedy and also taking criminal actions against them. As he stated "the responsible for these innocent people deaths has to pay for them. Our organization is very commited to the safety and we are all the time investing more and more in safety measures, international distinctions and many other things and so we cannot let anyone damage our sector's image for free. Full investigation needs to be taken against anyone who may be responsible for this tragedy. Furthermore, more awareness raising campaigns should be run with governments support, as it seems, there's people who don't know the limits of fun".
For more information don't hesitate to contact us.
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Culture Club Revelin, first Gold Member of the International Nightlife Association in Croatia Number #51 on "The World's 100 Best Clubs 2018" List, being the highest ranked club in Croatia

We are pleased to inform you that Culture Club Revelin has recently become the first Gold Member of the International Nightlife Association in Croatia and so, the first club recommended by our Organization in that country.  Culture Club Revelin opened its doors in 2010 and has become Dubrovnik's main spot. Also Culture Club Revelin has been ranked #51 on The World's 100 Best Clubs 2018 List. Dubrovnik, Croatia being one of the top destinations in the world offers you Culture Club Revelin. Situated in a unique 500-year-old medieval fortress, the atmosphere and beats created by world class DJ’s such as Axwell, Carl Cox, Fedde le Grand and Martin Solveig among other top chart performers will leave you wanting more.
Numerous celebrities and dazzling party people from all over the world, reveal the Dubrovnik nightlife temptations, a night of class and style with a unique historic twist.
A blend of antique exterior and modern interior with a special focus on hospitality and state-of-the-art technology has set Culture Club Revelin apart from the rest. With this new entry, the International Nightlife Association currently has Gold Members in United States of AmericaUnited Arab EmiratesSpain, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Philippines, Croatia and China and at the same time is expanding to other territories like Japan, India, Russia and Colombia. We are glad to remind you that the International Nightlife Association is restricted to on-licensed venues and the Gold Membership distinction can be achieved only by those on-licensed venues that stand-out for their quality and prestige in their territory. So, by obtaining this recognition the Gold Member venues become recommended clubs by our organization so that they gain access to clients via luxury concierge companies that collaborate with our Association, are highlighted on the International Nightlife Guide, obtain social media promotion, have access to consulting services and exchange clients with other Gold Members from other countries. But the promotion of quality, prestige and excellence in nightlife by the International Nightlife Association doesn't stop here, and so, since a few months back our organization is implementing "The Triple Excellence in Nightlife" distinction, which at the same time is restricted also to Gold Members. The "Triple Excellence in Nightlife" gives visibility and prestige to those venues that implement it and is made up of the “International Nightlife Safety Certified” (INSC), the “International Nightlife Acoustic Quality” (INAQ) and the “International Nightlife Quality Service” (INQS) seals. At the moment, six clubs in the world has already implemented the Triple Excellence (Cavalli Club Dubai, Opium Barcelona, Pacha Barcelona, Shôko Barcelona and Icebar Barcelona).  For more information please email us at infoThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Or for  more information please call (+34) 902.099.500 or  (+34) 670.703.370.

Carpe Diem Lounge Club is located in one of the most privileged areas of Barcelona, specifically the Paseo Marítimo beachfront, with the best views of the Mediterranean sea. Carpe Diem Lounge Club offers an exclusive experience to all its guests, not only being a restaurant and lounge but also transforming into one of the best nightclubs in Spain as the night falls. The decoration has been thought out to the finest detail, incorporating the most luxurious designs from the Moroccan and Bali culture making it an oasis to chill back and enjoy the see breeze. CDLC speaks elegance by the sea with a great international and local atmosphere making it a “pure class” environment. Carpe Diem is also distinguished for its cuisine, guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest critics, offering a menu including the most outstanding Indian and Arabic cuisine infused with traditional Mediterranean gastronomy. If you want to enjoy the delicious menu CDLC has to offer, you may sit indoors or outdoors, and regardless of where you sit you will receive an impeccable service from the incredibly attentive staff. If your idea is to relax or have after dinner drinks in a private area, the Bali lounge is the choice for you, lay on their famous beds while sipping on CDLC’s exclusive cocktails, premium spirits, and most importantly their wide collection of Don Perignon, sure to please any spirits enthusiast.

As night falls, cocktails and music takes over, each night at CDLC offers a different experience when it comes to the music selection, alternating between electronic, organic, deep house, R&B, hip hop etc. Their famous nights include Boho, Houseclass, Deep Rouge, and their newest addition, Pink Shades. If you want to enjoy the full VIP experience, make sure to make a prior reservation as CDLC’s VIP is one of the most solicited in town. Although, VIP or no VIP, you are going to feel like one, in a chic and elegant environment. Not to mention, CDLC was awarded with a “Certificate of Excellence 2014”.

Above all, CDLC is #GoldMember of the International Nightlife Association and so, recommended by our organization. CDLC is also currently in the process of implementing the “Double Excellence in Nightlife” distinction alongside the other venues of the Barceloneta Beachfront Association, being the first venues in the world to implement these distinctions, taking a vow for excellence in safety and acoustic quality.

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Need some place special for the next parent’s night out? Consider Hamburg.

The German city, which typically isn’t atop the list of travelers, has been named the best night out in the world in a survey of 4,100 people by hostel-booking platform Hostelworld. Hamburg got the nod for its welcoming atmosphere, excellent public transportation, the closeness of major attractions and the welcoming nature of its people. Copenhagen, Berlin, Dublin and Amsterdam rounded out the top five.

“The results of this study have been fascinating,” said Marek Mossakowski, Global Head of Brand at Hostelworld. “We know young travelers are increasingly venturing off the beaten track to uncover unique experiences, and this study demonstrates this.”

Big cities, the ones most people flock to, actually fared pretty poorly in the survey. London was 26th. Rome came in 39th. And Tokyo was 41st.

Big U.S. cities represented themselves much better than big European hotspots, though. San Francisco came in at number six on the study, as the site said it offers “every type of night out for every type of traveler.” And New York came in 10th for its wide variety of food, drink and nightlife—though the site did note it’s not a city known for its friendliness.

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One of London's biggest nightclubs can reopen just months after a council revoked its licence.

Fabric, the iconic nightclub based in Farringdon, central London, was forced to close in September after Islington Council found it had a "culture of drug use" which staff were "incapable of controlling".

The venue was to appeal against the decision at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court next week, but reached an agreement with the Metropolitan Police and the council.

The agreement, which introduces new conditions to the club's licence, was approved by a judge at the court on Monday, a spokeswoman for the council said.

It includes a ban on anyone under the age of 19 entering the venue between 8pm on Friday and 8am on Monday and also states that anyone found in possession of drugs in the club or who tries to buy drugs will be handed a life ban from the venue.

Islington Council said the changes, offered by Fabric, were "designed to ensure a zero-tolerance approach" to drugs.

The club closed temporarily after the drug-related deaths of two 18-year-olds earlier this year, and in August Scotland Yard applied to the council for the licence to be reviewed.

A joint statement released by the council and the club following the decision said: "Fabric is committed to doing all it reasonably can to ensure that no more of its clubbers come to drug-related harm.

"It also recognises that there need to be, and will be, changes to its management structure and accountability."

The statement added: "The authority welcomes Fabric's acceptance of all these matters. It is now satisfied that Fabric's directors and senior management understand precisely what has to be done to ensure that Fabric is a safe environment for young clubbers, and that zero tolerance to drugs means precisely that."

The club has also pledged to introduce a new ID scanning system, improve search procedures and introduce covert surveillance in the venue.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who previously spoke out against the decision to close Fabric, said he was "delighted" that an agreement had been reached.

He said: "We needed to find a common-sense solution that protects both the future of Fabric and the safety of all clubbers - and we have. I especially want to thank Islington Council for working so hard to help find a solution".

"The issues faced by Fabric point to a wider problem of how we protect London's night-time economy, while ensuring it is safe and enjoyable for everyone".

"Over the past eight years, London has lost 50 per cent of its nightclubs and 40 per cent of its live music venues. This decline must stop if London is to retain its status as a 24-hour city with a world-class nightlife."

Following the announcement, Fabric thanked those who had "united behind" the club.

A crowdfunding campaign launched by its owners in September in an effort to save the venue raised more than £300,000, while a petition to reopen the club topped 160,000 signatures.

Superintendent Nick Davies, from Islington police, said the club felt the force had "acted reasonably in the circumstances".

He welcomed Fabric's offer to place additional conditions on its licence and a zero tolerance approach to drugs, and said police would continue to "robustly enforce the licensing objectives".

"We will be monitoring the ongoing conduct of Fabric and the activities that take place within it. If there are further breaches of the licence, Fabric should be in no doubt that they will be challenged by Islington police and action taken," he said.

"I know Fabric is a venue that holds a great deal of affection in people's hearts. We had no choice but to take action to safeguard clubbers - and now Fabric has agreed to considerable changes, I hope the venue can continue to operate for many years to come within the boundaries of the new licensing conditions."

Source: telegraph.co.uk

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Legendary Paris rock venue, the Bataclan, has reopened with an emotional gig by the British singer Sting, a year after jihadi gunmen burst in and killed 90 people during a series of terrorist attacks in the French capital.

The former Police frontman, 65, appeared on stage to cheers as hundreds of concert-goers including families of the victims and survivors, crowded together struggling to comprehend how gunmen could have burst into the venue – now completely refurbished to cover up its lasting scars, including a new stage and red velvet curtains – and opened fire on music fans in one of the most brutal attacks on French soil since the second world war.

Sting told the crowd in French: “We’ve got two important things to do tonight … First, to remember and honour those who lost their lives in the attacks a year ago. And then to celebrate the life and the music of this historic venue”.

He added: “We shall not forget them” before holding a minute’s silence on stage.

Sting opened his set with a gentle version of one of his later hits, Fragile, which captured the cautious apprehension and sadness in the crowd, but as he launched into a noisier, raucous rendition of the Police hit Message in a Bottle, the audience began to trust him to lead the Bataclan through what felt like a vital and inescapable return to rock’n’roll, but which was no less raw and painful.

In the audience were many parents and relatives of the 90 people who were killed last November when watching Californian rock band the Eagles of Death Metal.

As Sting gave an emotional rendition of the Police hit Every Breath You Take, one bereaved mother in a balcony seat took out a framed holiday photo of her son in his 20s who was killed during the massacre and held it on her lap facing the stage, as if ensuring he was watching the gig. Other parents wiped away tears.

Some of the songs which Sting sang were written before many of the Bataclan victims were born but they had a resonance with the parents, some of whom were carrying flowers, who were resolved to enjoy the gig to the full as a memorial to their children’s love of live music.

The last time I played the Bataclan, it was 1979,” Sting told the crowd. “I had written a song in Paris in 1978 and here it is…” he said before belting out Roxanne as many of the parents clapped and cheered.

The French-Lebanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf was applauded as he joined Sting on stage for several solos.

Aurelien, 25, who survived the Bataclan massacre while his friend was killed, said it was the first time he had been to a public place since the shooting, as he had avoided cinemas, bars and gatherings.

“I’m here because it’s important to finally finish a concert that was never allowed to end” he said. “It’s for the memory of my friend and for all the 90 people who died”.

He added: “I came alone tonight. It’s very emotional, as I keep getting flashbacks of that night. I was standing just there, just the other side of the bar when it happened. Tonight is the first time I’ve been back here since”.

Another survivor, Mariesha Jack Payne, waited across the road from the Bataclan in the Barometer bar, where she had been rushed to after the attack. She travelled from Scotland for the commemorations in Paris this weekend. “Even if I’m not inside, it’s symbolic for me to be here nearby” she said.

But two members of the Eagles of Death Metal were turned away from the reopening gig by the venue’s co-director. This followed a falling-out after the band’s singer Jesse Hughes told US TV earlier this year he had suspicions the attack was prepared with help from inside and cast suspicions on the security guards.

One of the Bataclan’s managers, Jules Frutos, told AFP: “They came, I threw them out, there are things you can’t forgive”.

Sting closed his set sitting alone on stage with an acoustic guitar, performing a song he had written in memory of James Foley, the journalist killed by Islamic State in Syria in 2014. He told the audience that the song was “for everyone who has lost someone”. The lyrics included the line: “Keep my place and the empty chair, somehow I’ll be there”.

Source: theguardian.com

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Today the recently constituted “European Nightlife Association” has been presented in Florence. As you know, for the very first time in Europe, the European nightlife sector joined together under the “only for nightlife entrepreneurs” business organization. Indeed, the trade unions “UMIH” (France), “SILB FIPE” (Italy) and “Spain Nightlife” (Spain) constituted the “European Nightlife Association”, headquartered in Paris, with Maurizio Pasca of Italian nationality and president of “SILB FIPE”, as first president. Laurent Lutse, president of the branch Cafés, Brasserie, Monde de la nuit in “UMIH”, and Carlos Caballero, president of “Spain Nightlife”, they all have been appointed as vice-presidents of this new association

The main goal of this non-profit organization is to represent and promote the nightlife professionals across Europe and defend their interests in the policy creation and the decision-making processes before the European institutions, by setting forth the position of the nightlife sector. Then, the European Nightlife Association intends to influence at European level on areas affecting directly or indirectly the nightlife sector, such as licensing, alcohol, minors, security, taxes and noise. 

In the words of the President of the European nightlife association, Maurizio Pasca, during the presentation of the association this morning “what unites this entrepreneurship it is the offer and the problems associated with it.  Similarly, Italy, France and Spain have problems related to the nightlife activities. It is a needed organization to act beyond national borders and European interests and protect the health and the safety of the citizens. It is not coincidence that Hotrec, Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Similar Establishments in the European Union, has recently created a working group to coordinate the nightlife sector.” 

For his part, Joaquim Boadas, Deputy Chairman of “Spain Nightlife”, has confirmed also during the presentation of the association “there is always talk about how the nightlife sector causes conflict. However, there is never any talk about, for example, the work places or the contribution to the country’s GNP. The nightlife sector is producing in Europe twice of the wealth that is currently producing the agriculture sector and provides for over 3 million workplaces with direct and indirect jobs. The nightlife sector in Europe moves more than 90 million people every weekend. These results are conclusive that the new European Association will make its voice heard in all the European Union institutions and it will demonstrate that the nightlife sector is more important than the governments can imagine.”

The new Association includes members from Italy, France and Spain. The new Association has been presented this morning in Florence, with the presence of representatives of the founding members who have talked and explained about the objectives of this association to invite members of the nightlife sector from every European country to join them.