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Papillon Club

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Otto Zutz

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The International Nightlife Association offers the Mayor of Adeje all its support in the Butterfly nightclub case, with the aim of trying to avoid future cases such as the one occurred.

The implementation of the international safety seal "International Nightlife Safety Certified" will be proposed to the nightlife venues in the area.

Dear all, 

In the wake of the unpleasant incident that occurred early Sunday at the "Butterfly" club in Adeje, Tenerife (Spain), when the floor of the venue gave way and 40 people fell onto the ground floor, the International Nightlife Association, through its member association in Spain (Spain Nightlife), wants to send a message of support to the injured in the incident and also to the Mayor of Adeje. In these complicated moments, the International Nightlife Association and Spain Nightlife, is offering the Mayor of Adeje all its knowledge, means and tools available to try to prevent incidents like these from happening again. In this sense, the International Nightlife Association, being aware of the difficulty of being able to detect in advance a problem like the one affecting the foundation of the affected nightclub, plans to offer the Mayor of Adeje, Mr. José Miguel Rodríguez, the possibility of implementing the international safety seal, “International Nightlife Safety Certified”, in the nightclubs. The International Nightlife Association has been developing said seal for 4 years with the support of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, with the aim of improving security in nightlife establishments. The meeting has already been requested and could be held in the next upcoming days. The international distinction referred to works like an international license would, considering it requires the fulfillment of a series of specific safety requirements for the nightlife sector that are homogeneous for everyone. This seal has two categories, the "Basic" and the "Premium", the second being more demanding in terms of requirements to be met, but both incorporate an inspection protocol that allows improving the safety and security of nightlife establishments as well as distinguishing between those venues who bet for safety in a clear and open way, of those who do not. The seal not only promotes the passive safety of users but also active safety and protects them from very diverse possibilities. Recently, at the 4th International Nightlife Congress held in Ibiza this past October, the "International Nightlife Safety Certified" seal was presented and all the guest speakers, among whom, the Director of Affiliated Members of the United Nations World Tourism Organization –Mrs. Yolanda Perdomo- agreed that said seal is the best bet for the prevention of incidents in nightlife establishments worldwide. In addition, this seal obtained the Golden Moon Award in the category “Best Safety Action” as the best initiative in this matter.
From the International Nightlife Association we consider, in any case, that the incident that occurred in Adeje is a totally isolated case and that it should be investigated, under no circumstances should make us think that nightlife is unsafe. According to Mr. Joaquim Boadas, General Secretary of the International Nightlife Association and of Spain Nightlife, stated this morning that, "Facts like these unfairly and badly deteriorate the image of the nightlife sector at a local, national and international level, so it is very important that the public opinion visualizes that the nightlife sector is betting openly and vigorously for the safety of its clients, which is why we make this seal available to all venues, so that customers can know in advance, before going to a nightlife venue, if it meets international safety requirements, which will be a key factor when it comes to attracting customers, especially tourists". It is safe to say that the nightlife sector moves-directly or indirectly-about 33% of international tourism, so it is extremely important that public administrations help the sector in its task of implementing these programs of excellence as they help the sector and its users, but also protects the image and prestige of the tourist destinations that have a greater nightlife offer.  When an incident like this occurs, the image of the destination where it has occurred is also seriously damaged, as well as the image of the rest of nightlife venues in the area and the world, which is why a joint commitment of the administration and the sector in favor of the safety of nightlife establishments is essential for certifying and highlighting their safety on an international basis. In this sense, from the International Nightlife Association we are already working together with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to expand the distinction at a world-wide level, since the organization has over 158 affiliated members who are governments from different parts of the world. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at (+34) 902.099.500 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Thursday, 23 November 2017 10:21

Carpe Diem Barcelona

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While bouncers in the UK are being trained to respond under a terrorist attack (http://bit.ly/2yPrTEE)  the International Nightlife Association has been one step ahead of these actions, creating a safety seal that has specific requirements before obtention, such as requiring venues to have actions to protect nightlife venue users and workers from terrorist attacks. The International Nightlife Association is currently offering its members the opportunity of having the International Nightlife Safety Certified (INSC) seal, which aims to certify nightlife venues worldwide giving it a “seal of approval” when it comes to safety and security measures. This project was initiated in January 2013 when 239 people were killed in a fire in unlicensed Club Kiss in Santa Maria (Brazil) and has been carefully developed to tailor not only to nightlife users sense of security but also make it easy for nightlife business owners to obtain. This seal is obtained after a rigorous process that includes a careful inspection of the venue and its safety protocols. This seal has two different categories, the basic and the premium seal. The basic inspection form asks for venues to have security measures such as having portable metal detectors, an emergency plan, security staff trained in personal defense and a map indicating where the emergency exits are located, among others. For venues who excel when it comes to security, there is the premium inspection form which asks for security personnel trained in disarming suspects, security personnel wearing bullet-proof vests, and a 6-minute evacuation plan in case of an emergency. This new category (Premium) was created by the International Nightlife Association in 2015 when the terrorist attack in Bataclan Paris took place. When the inspection process is finished and the venue has proved that it does everything in its power to protect its staff and clients, the venue is rewarded with the INSC seal, in which the International Nightlife Association is assuring that the venue is safe to visit. This way when you enter the International Nightlife Guide on the International Nightlife Association's website, you can look up the venues that have the seals of distinction by location, that way you know that the nightlife venue you will be visiting is licensed and meets the international standards in place. 




Link: http://mixmag.net/read/nightclub-bouncers-are-now-being-trained-to-defend-against-terror-attacks-news

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Altromondo Studios

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