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GASTROMOON makes its way from Cavalli Club Dubai to Heart Ibiza

Heart Ibiza, first venue in Europe and second in the world after Cavalli Club Dubai to obtain the coveted distinction

The emblem that values haute gastronomy and upscale nightlife is granted by the World Chefs Association, the International Nightlife Association and Linkers Consultancy.

The presentation of the arrival to Europe of the international distinction that combines haute cuisine and nightlife could not have had a better setting for its launch than Tickets Barcelona. Tickets holds one Michelin star, three “Repsol Suns” and is also currently ranked number #32 on the list of “The 50 Best Restaurants”, a venue that presents a different and informal way of living an experience of haute cuisine through its tapas and culinary offer. Present at the event were Albert Adrià, Chef, Owner of ElBarri and Founding Partner of Heart Ibiza, José Corraliza, General Manager and Artistic Director of Heart Ibiza, Joaquim Boadas, Secretary General of the International Nightlife Association and David Basilio, Operations Manager of Linkers.  The function was officially opened by Joaquim Boadas, who began by congratulating the two representatives of Heart Ibiza and their entire team for having achieved this distinction. Boadas has stated that, "This is an achievement for both the restaurant and nightlife industry, since they are constantly evolving to meet the expectations of increasingly demanding customers for upscale dining and nightlife experiences, a milestone that Heart Ibiza has proven to have achieved to a very high standard." Boadas has also highlighted the importance of the fact that, "the first distinguished venue in Europe is from Spain and especially from Ibiza, an island known for being the world's leading exponent of quality nightlife, which recently also received its first Michelin star in hands of the restaurant Es Tragon". Boadas has continued to explain that all these components fit perfectly with GastroMoon, a label that will benefit both the restaurant and nightlife industry worldwide. INA’s Secretary General has also highlighted the importance of GastroMoon, since in addition to providing quality to both industries will be a source of job creation worldwide, especially in the occupation of chefs, during the nighttime hours. David Basilio praised Heart Ibiza and all its team for achieving the first GastroMoon in Europe and explained the process and requirements that Heart Ibiza had to fulfil to achieve this distinction, which highlights the gastronomic quality of the venue as well as its nightlife offer, thus fulfilling the main objectives of GastroMoon, which will serve to identify, highlight and recommend those establishments that offer haute cuisine and an excellent nightlife offer. The Operations Manager of Linkers, in charge of the audit, explained that, "In order to obtain a GastroMoon we take into account the quality of the service, the rhythm between the kitchen and dining hall, sustainability, innovation, comfort, or the variety of the gastronomic offer; without forgetting the combination of flavors, presentation of dishes, pairing and freshness of the products used, among other culinary aspects; or the “mise en place”, preparation, presentation, table service, customer service, and also the state of the facilities, its cleanliness and distribution, as well as certain aspects related to security, since for example the premises must have a Dechoker device, used to prevent choking injuries."
Albert Adrià, who spoke next, thanked the International Nightlife Association, the World Chefs Association and Linkers for granting this distinction to Heart Ibiza. Albert Adrià highlighted the importance of this recognition which adds to the recent achievement by Heart Ibiza of the 14th position on the ranking of "The Worlds 100 Best Clubs" 2019, as well as the certification of the “Triple Excellence in Nightlife”, the highest distinction that exists worldwide in nightlife as well as the recent award for innovation in the restaurant business granted by the magazine Références Hôteliers Restaurateurs and also the mention of plastic free by Oceanic Global after having committed to the environment with the complete elimination of single-use plastics. For all these reasons, Adrià was very satisfied with the work carried out at Heart Ibiza with the alliance between The Adrià Brothers and Cirque du Soleil since its inception, "a collaboration that is paying off," said the Founding Partner of Heart Ibiza.  Finally, Jose Corraliza, Artistic and Creative Director of Heart Ibiza, emphasized that , "The GastroMoon recognition represents the work done by a great team of professionals that turn Heart Ibiza night after night into a unique experience where customers can enjoy a magnificent evening with unforgettable moments. The combination and collision of restaurant, show and club opens in its difficulty, a window of creativity ", highlighting that "a recognition like that of a GastroMoon gives visibility to all of Heart’s work both in the culinary and nightlife aspect". Corraliza has also stated that "this recognition is the result of the work and effort of over 300 people. After 5 years of being devised by Albert Adrià, Ferran Adrià and by Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil, in Heart Ibiza we will continue to innovate each year by learning and enjoying. " The event concluded with the delivery of the GastroMoon certificate handed by Joaquim Boadas and David Basilio to Albert Adrià and Jose Corraliza, both the “Alma matter” of Heart Ibiza and main reason behind its success. Heart Ibiza becomes the first venue in Spain and Europe with a GastroMoon, being Cavalli Club Restaurant & Lounge Dubai, the first to obtain worldwide one in October of last year. We are pleased to attach a photograph of the delivery of the GastroMoon certificate to the representatives of the award-winning venue.

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Marina Bay Sunset Bar

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Mirador Calma

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Harry's Cocktail Bar

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Roca Negra Sunset Club

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Le Club

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Monkey Beach Club

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Marina Beach Club

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The island and Barcelona, ​​with 11 and nine venues respectively, are the most selected territories, followed by Madrid, Girona, Valencia, Murcia and Marbella

A total of 26 Spanish clubs, of which 11 are from Ibiza, are nominated to enter the list of 'The World’s 100 Best Clubs’ and, once on the list, they opt to be the ' World’s Best Club 2017 '. These are awards given by the International Nightlife Association on October 10th in Ibiza within the framework of its annual congress, which will be held this year on October 9th and 10th. 

Among the territories that have been the most nominated clubs is Ibiza with 11 venues nominated (Ocean Beach, DC10, Amnesia, Blue Marlin, Destino, Heart, HÏ, Km5, Ushuaïa, Pachá Ibiza and Sankeys). Barcelona city and province have nine on that list: Shoko Barcelona, ​​CDLC, Razzmatazz, Opium Mar, Pachá Barcelona, ​​Bling Bling, Café del Mar Barcelona (Sant Adrià del Besós), Carpes Sunset (Òdena) and El Row (Viladecans).

They are followed by Madrid, with two (Fabrik and Ochoymedio), Girona (Les Teules), Valencia (La3), Murcia (Trips Summer Club in Cabo de Palos) and Marbella (Olivia Valère).

The Golden Moon Awards are the most ambitious international awards in the nightlife sector. The list is made up of a total of 195 establishments coming from countries like Arab Emirates, Singapore, Sweden, Belgium, Russia, Malta, Japan or Argentina, among others.

In the previous edition of these awards, held in Las Vegas, the award for the “World’s Best Club” went to Omnia Las Vegas, and the second was for Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, which had already made the top spot in 2015. Third place was taken by Green Valley club in Brazil, and in fourth given to Pachá in Ibiza.

Source: DiariodeIbiza.com

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Following the success of last year’s informative campaign, Catalan police forces (Mossos d'Esquadra) and nightlife employers of FECASARM (Member of the International Nightlife Association) worked together this year again in order to run informative actions for  the young Dutch tourists willing to visit the city of Blanes this summer.

The campaign consisted in several meetings with different Dutch tour operators, who will subsequently provide the information to the young Dutch tourists.

This informative and preventive campaign aims to provide the young tourists with security advice to be able to enjoy a pleasant vacation in the tourist municipally of Blanes without any problem.

Blanes police forces  have  also participated in the meetings to inform the young tourists about their obligations regarding the civic behavior that is expected of them. The purpose is to balance leisure with the right to rest of the neighbors to get a peaceful cohabitation.

The initiative has been evaluated positively, both by the City Council and the neightbors, since it has made a positive contribution to balance the fun time of the tourists visiting the area and the neighbors. 

Last summer two meetings were performed and up to eighty guides from the main tour operators attended to them: Beach Masters, Gogo Tours, X-travel, Go Fun, among others.

During those sessions the members of the campaign distributed documentation with security advice and recommendations in Dutch and English.

After that, the tour guides provided the young Dutch tourists with the information for their vacation in Blanes, a fact that contributed positively in their behavior. Following the success of last year, the preventive campaign returns on Wednesday  June 4th, 2014 from 11 am.

This preventive action has reached up to 18.000 young Dutch tourists that have visited Blanes this year. 

Taking into account the present collaboration principle between the Mossos de Esquadra and the FECASARM, it is planned to extend this initiative  to other towns of the Costa Brava and the rest of Catalonia.