Cyprus Hotel Association

Cyprus Hotel Association (CHA)

The Cyprus Hotel Association is the Hoteliers National Trade Union. The history of its foundation goes back to the beginning of the 1930s. Today the vast majority of all hotel establishments and other licensed tourist accommodation units, all over Cyprus, are members of the Cyprus Hotel Association.

The most important aims of the Association are as follows:

  • The protection and promotion of the interests of the hoteliers as employers and as professionals, as well as of the interests of Cyprus in general
  • The promotion and upgrading of the Cyprus tourism development
  • The upgrading and development of the hotel establishments in Cyprus and the improvement of the professional level of the hoteliers
  • The solidarity between its members

The Cyprus Hotel Association, in order to achieve its aims and goals, develops a wide range of activities and offers various services to its members. Representatives of the Association participate actively in many official committees set up by the government or by semi-governmental organizations, related to the various sectors of the hotel and tourist industry and to the economy of Cyprus in general.

In order to protect and promote its members' interests, the Association takes the necessary steps and makes representations to the Government, to the House of Representatives, to various Official Organisations and to the Workers Unions on economic, industrial, commercial, labour, legislative, social and other subjects related directly or indirectly to the hotel and tourist industry of Cyprus. 

Additional Info

  • Country: Cyprus
  • City: Nicosia
  • Address: 12, A. Araouzos Street, P.O.Box 24772 - 1303 Nicosia
  • Phone: (+35) 72 245 28 20
  • Website: